Does the Zapier integration work with the Overview folder?

I am having trouble using Zapier today (and link to Google Calendar)

Integration was working fine to a folder. I changed to the Overview folder (same items task, due date, etc.) and the integration stopped.

Going back to the original does not work. Deleting and restarting is not working.

In fact no Zapier to Google integrations are working now despite getting the ok during testing (another integration I have is functioning so it is does not appear to be a Zapier issue).

Hello @birgli! Thanks for letting us know about this. We will make sure to test this out and inform the dev team so they can look into the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry integration working.

unfortunately zapier integration from the overview folder is not possible, that would be nice to have as it avoid integration folder by folder.

Hey @birgli, not sure I understood your last post - is it working correctly now?

Yes, Zapier will not be able to work with the Overview as Overview is not a folder in itself, it’s just a combination of all your folders, an overview of all your data in that board.

Hi Jovana,

Yes Zapier is working. I understand the comment on the overview.

I have set things up to use the overview as a folder as well as a roll-up view.

Guess I have to set-up separate zaps for folders feeding into main view.


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