Drag and drop calendar items from iCal and/or Google

The ability to drag and drop calendar items (from iCal, Google, etc.) into a calendar board/folder.

Hi @auxestates

First of all, welcome to the community, we are supper happy to have you here :pray:

Regarding suggestion - great one, especially when it comes to overall integrations, we are planning on integrating with google calendar and then expand to other calendars as well, however - I am not sure if and how “drag and drop” could fit into these integrations, I personally - don’t think we’ve planned on designing it / creating it that way. It’s more of a synching feature where you can link your calendars together.

However, you can also make a separate suggestion for it over here so that other users can vote for it and so that we all can have an idea if drag and drop for calendars would be something a larger number of users would like to have.

Here’s where you can track our progress of everything we are currently developing and everything we will be developing and introducing to infinity in the future. LINK

Thank you for the suggestion :pray: