Drag & drop email to create task


It would be ideal if one could drag and drop an email into an open task in the board where it belongs. from there being able to click back to the email would be a killer functionality.

I can partially do this with Trello, but it is less than ideal.



Hey @birgli, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how we can do this technically. What content from the email in that case would go into Infinity item?




I believe this is best accomplished with an Add-in (O365/Outlook) and an extension (Chrome/Firefox) the way Trello, Everyone, ClickUp, And Notejoy have done it.

There are others as well but those four are really well done and work great.

I can provide a video or links to those if you need them.

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Although… It would be really cool if you could bring email in to infinity, and fully integrate email management with Infinity. I would be absolutely impressed if that could be pulled off.