Drop down type labels on forms

In one of the videos she shows a drop-down item on the form where people pick thier industry, I want people to be able to choose between which location they were at when they used our services… where is this? I can’t figure out where this type of label is because id also like to view people by the location they used our services because we have different support members to help them

Hey there @cellbotics :wave:

Alright, labels can be very interesting and can be used for many different things, the example you saw was with the “industry” where you can select a specific one, that attribute was created by the user himself, he decided what goes in that specific label attribute.

So, what you can do is -> create an additional label attribute called “destination” or “location”, and in the attribute itself define which locations you want your users to be able to pick, whether that’s “United States”, “Canada”, “UK”, “India”, “Pakistan”, or whatever the case might be.
(my example is with countries, but it might as well be cities, towns, villages or continents themselves. It really depends on what you need).

Here’s a short video demonstrating just that:

Hopefully the video above helps you understand how to achieve that :pray: