Duplicate Automation to another Board

Greetings, I currently face 1 issue: I have to recreate the same automation for a different board. The functions of the automation would be the same but I can’t duplicate it on another board and I have to spend some time performing repetitive tasks. Is there any way to solve the problem?

If you click “Automations” then “Manage”, there should be 3 little vertical dots at the right end of each automation.
If you click that, you should see a “duplicate” option.
Hope that helps.

Hi, please correct me if I am wrong. But I remeber that duplicate automation only work for same board. Which means you cant transfer it to another board

Hey @sholmeslim, you are correct - currently it is possible to duplicate an automation only in one board and you can’t move it or copy it to another board.

The only alternative or I should say workaround is this:

  1. You can save the board you have your automation in as a template
  2. open the other board
  3. create new folder
  4. select load template
  5. Find the saved template from step number 1 above
  6. Wait for the process to complete

Now, you will have an automation from that other board as well, the only problem here is that now you have to change / update the automation with the attributes for the board you loaded the template in. (as it does not contain the same attributes as the other board).

In essence it will be much faster to simply recreate the automation and save it.

I hope this helps at least a little bit @sholmeslim :pray:

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