Duplicate folders not copying items across


Hi there, I keep trying to duplicate existing folders on my board (with items) but it is not duplicating the content of the items. It will still list that there are 40 items copied across but when you open the folder the item lines are blank.

This issue has been occurring for the last week or so, prior to this we never had any issues duplicating folders and their items. Thanks!



Hi @charlotte, welcome to the community, we are happy to have you here :wave: :partying_face:

Thank you for the detailed explanation, much appreciated.

Have you tried refreshing the page after duplicating that specific folder? Sometimes that can fix things instantly, but - the issue itself shouldn’t be there in the first place. If that does not work, could you please message us via live chat support - one of our agents will be there and he will be able to help you out or escalate the issue to another level, as our chat is 24/7 available. Live chat option is the best and fastest way to get help!

To message us all you have to do is click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen while in infinity on our website:


Thanks in advance!