Editing a Board after Returning Computer from Sleep


I am not entirely sure if this is considered a bug, or if it is just a consequence of the app running in a browser, but…

I use Infinity on my laptop, so I often put the computer to sleep and bring up out of sleep mode. When I wake up my computer, then go to my Google Chrome tab with Infinity running, I will have to refresh the page in order for changes to save.

If I do not refresh, I will edit a checklist item and then click away to save it, but instead of saving it the item will revert to what it was before I edited it.

Thank you!

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Hey @bananacreampieseven,

Yup: That is the case. Often, when session expires, you’ll need to refresh the page in order for the app to see new actions and changes in your board. The same goes if you keep the tab where Infinity is opened for too long. Refresh solves the problem in most of the cases, tbh! :smiley:

Thanks for the report! I’ll discuss this further with my team :slight_smile: