Editing board options

From the “My Dashboard” section* if you click on the 3 dots on a board and then click on Edit, when logged in as an “Owner”, I’m unable to edit the Current Members of the board. How can I edit current members of the board?

I’m also unable to edit whether the board is “Visible to Team” or “Private”. I’m also unsure what the difference is. It’s unclear based on context. …Why would you have a Private board that’s invisible to the current members which you’ve purposefully added to the board?

If I do make a change to something that I am able to change, such as the board color, when I hit the Update button at the bottom of the screen, nothing apparently happens. There is no success or failure message. If I then click back to My Dashboard, the board color remains the same as before, reinforcing my assumption that the Update button didn’t work. However, if I then refresh the page, the board color will update.

In short, there remain some pretty major UX/UI issues here, guys. I still love the idea of Infinity and I support you 100% in your development efforts, but the product itself is still so far from being usable for me.

Keep up the hard work! We’re all rooting for you and hoping for the best.


*Interestingly, this is only labeled “My Dashboard” in the Boards menu when you’re in a board, but there’s no “My Dashboard” label when you’re on the “My Dashboard” page… I would consider this a UX/UI bug.

One more thing I’ve noticed…

I have two users currently assigned to a board.

One is an Owner, the other is a “Restricted User”.

When inviting new users, my options are “Team Member”, “Board Member”, and “Admin”… No mention of “Restricted User”.

Need to make more clear the differences between all these. Need to make them consistent as well.

Hi @micheal, thanks for sharing your honest feedback, we appreciate it for sure. And we’re aware of all these issues and trying to work towards minimizing them more and more as the time progresses. But we still have plenty of work to do. :slight_smile:

When it comes to Edit Board, we’re currently working on fixing this bug. It should be fixed today.

Regarding the member roles currently, there are some inconsistencies at the moment. But we’re working on advanced permissions and roles which are going live soon and which will remove these inconsistencies and make a more uniform concept of roles.

Thanks again, and feel free to share any other thoughts as well. We’re going to do our best to have you fully on board soon. :slight_smile:


Hey @micheal, just a quick update: we’ve fixed ‘edit board’ functionality. Now you should be able to edit your boards again without problems.

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