Email Address Attribute

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It would be nice if the email/phone attributes would provide links instead of just text. The long text attributes give email links…

Also, for phone numbers, I don’t know how to add an extension… Maybe this would be a good addition to the phone attribute?

I think a great feature would also be contacts import! Pull information from contacts lists and arrange them by items with options to use details as attributes (including labels).


Hi @BaiJie, thanks for the suggestions - all good ones!

When it comes to links instead of text for emails, that is definitely something that needs to happen soon. Phone number as well.

When it comes to pulling information straight from contacts into Infinity, that is a great idea. We’re planning to add different import options in the future (the next one we’re going to work on is Excel) so this is probably coming as well. I’m putting it into our Suggestions folder. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Have there been discussions of exporting to Excel as well? This is something that I think would be a huge benefit to infinity

Hi @BaiJie, do you mean exporting to Excel? I absolutely agree. We’re planning to export to CSV very soon which is going to allow this.

Haha why yes I did… Importing and exporting would be excellent, because Excel is just a wonderful tool.

Thanks for the update!

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+1 for this

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