Email to board to create an item

I would love to see a feature where an email sent to a board or folder in infinity would create a task ( Item)

Meistertask has this feature and it is very cool:

Subject > Item title
Body > Description
CCField > Aisgnee
Atachment > atachment


Hey @knuthake!

Thanks for the message.

This looks awesome, indeed. Kudos to MeisterTask :slight_smile:

We might include this as a part of Integrations feature which should come in between mid March to mid April.

Thanks again for the feedback and an awesome idea!



Hey! Here’s a video that might help:

Hello - wondering what the status of this feature development is?

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Yes, will this be implemented?

Hi there @emily :wave:

First of all, welcome to the community, we are super glad you decided to join us here as well.

Yes, this should be a part of Infinity in the future, we have gone through and integrated with google drive recently, also with google calendar (as a pro feature), so we are slowly integrating Infinity with other services. Some of the upcoming ones (in not so distant future) should be email integrations - which should allow you to create tasks / items from emails.

Also, as our colleague Aleksandar mentioned above, this is currently possible with Zapier - as we are integrated with them.

Hope this gives you a bit more insight on what we have been doing these past few months and where we are headed.

Cheers :v: