Email to board to create an item

I would love to see a feature where an email sent to a board or folder in infinity would create a task ( Item)

Meistertask has this feature and it is very cool:

Subject > Item title
Body > Description
CCField > Aisgnee
Atachment > atachment


Hey @knuthake!

Thanks for the message.

This looks awesome, indeed. Kudos to MeisterTask :slight_smile:

We might include this as a part of Integrations feature which should come in between mid March to mid April.

Thanks again for the feedback and an awesome idea!



Hey! Here’s a video that might help:

Hello - wondering what the status of this feature development is?

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Yes, will this be implemented?

Hi there @emily :wave:

First of all, welcome to the community, we are super glad you decided to join us here as well.

Yes, this should be a part of Infinity in the future, we have gone through and integrated with google drive recently, also with google calendar (as a pro feature), so we are slowly integrating Infinity with other services. Some of the upcoming ones (in not so distant future) should be email integrations - which should allow you to create tasks / items from emails.

Also, as our colleague Aleksandar mentioned above, this is currently possible with Zapier - as we are integrated with them.

Hope this gives you a bit more insight on what we have been doing these past few months and where we are headed.

Cheers :v:

Hello, I wonder if the function will really be implemented, as

  1. Zapier is expensive
  2. it can be done only with gmail (I do not use gmail or google)
    thank you

Hey @marek_kopecky ,

  1. I agree with you Zapier can get really expansive depending on what you need. There are alternatives like Pabbly and Integrately (we are integrated with them to a certain degree, but they are still Work In Progress).

  2. Besides Gmail, Outlook can be done as well, there’s an email parser as well (zapier offer ones), so you can send emails to Zapier and then to Infinity and create a task out of it. There are other similar services out there as well, they extract data from inbound emails and create items out of them.

But, that still does not mean that we shouldn’t create some kind of email integration, I am aware that there’s a plan to do so, but I cannot give you any specifics on when that is going to happen, as we do have our hands full for now with other features.

Thank you for your understanding @marek_kopecky (and your patience) :pray:

I can confirm that (in the meantime) you can pretty easily do this with Pabbly, and that’s a lot cheaper than Zapier (and they’re incredibly responsive too). Sure, it’s more expensive than Infinity adding this feature, but we aren’t there yet!

I’m not affiliated with them, just use their service a LOT.

Can you provide more information on how to achieve this via Pabbly? Thanks

Hey there @jan

I do believe this would have to go through “email parser” that Pabbly offers, the whole process takes about 5-6 minutes to go through, map everything out and save.

Here’s a short video of me trying to do this for the first time after who knows how many months, here’s a short video about it:

(note, there are few tabs that you won’t see, giving authorization to Infinity, you won’t see me sending an email to their email parser but it should be easy to understand and go through)

Let me know if that helps, thank you :pray: