Email to task (or non Google users)?

I wonder if anything about email integration mentioned at the beginning of this video happened?

To be able to create task from email is a must for many people. With some simple one/two-click action. To be able to do it with Zapier by changing label in gmail – that is nice one.
Many of us do not use gmails. We have other solutions. So how to achieve this if we have emails not on Google? Anyone knows how to do it?
Thank you

Hello @strativourakis :wave:

Alex did a great job creating this video back then, this zapier integration is still possible but not with personal emails, only work emails (like, we are using gsuite / google workspace).

Regarding native integration and building it, since we work in agile our focus did shift many times, especially to other more important features - which were automations, better references, back end performance, desktop app and so much more.

In the past year or so - we’ve introduced google drive integration, after which we also introduced google calendar integration, after it we are probably going to start working on gmail integration and then with other email providers like outlook.

As Alex stated in the video, we are integrated with Zapier and most of it should be possible through it, we are also integrated (to some degree) with pabbly and integrately so they can help you integrate with other email providers as well and create tasks through them in Infinity.

What email providers / tools are you using?

lets see if we can create some kind of a workaround through the tools mentioned above and test it.

Hopefully we won’t have to use workarounds for much longer, since we released a few key features this past few months, our focus might shift to integrations a bit more, we’ll see :crossed_fingers:

Cheers :v: