Email When Comment Created to Include Comment


We just started Infinity to help manage a project and it would be helpful if the Email generated when a comment is added include the Comment.


Hey @paul.marshall,

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

We’re currently brainstorming about ‘Email-to-task’ or even ‘Email-to-comment’ feature.

As we’re finalizing Zapier integration, it might be possible with it (or with native integration with mail providers).

However, I think it might be due July (if not with Zapier and native integrations) :slight_smile:

Hope that sounds well.

Yes, this would be super helpful @coa. I use, and the email notifications when someone comments includes the comment on the BODY of the email. Which SAVES me time, by just reading the comment on my email browser vs having to open Infinity to read the comment.

Any plans for this for 2020 Q1?

LEt me know, thanks!
Jaime Nacach

Hey @jaime,

Thanks for the suggestion and the detailed brief.

I think this could be possible in Q2, rather than Q1.

Also, I suggest reading this article:

Hi @coa that would be great. Yes, the sooner the better :slight_smile: Q2 would be great. You’d save me and my team lots of time if we can have the comments show up on the boxy of the email notifications


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Hey @jaime,

Now that I’m re-reading this conversation, I’m a little confused about my initial answer.

Was the issue here that you’d like to receive an email notification when someone puts a comment on any of the items?

Sorry for the misconception.

No, that’s not it. The idea is to show the “actual comment” from a comment on a task, as part of the BODY of the email notification that Infinity sends. I sent Boka from your team screenshots of how does it great…


I guess, @jaime, you are referring to this idea: Comments Preview

Got it now :slight_smile:

@man you’re right :slight_smile:

Yes, I belive that I’m wasting a lot of time when I have to ALWAYS login to Infinity to read the comment, when the comment can easily be shown on the email notification. Exactly!

I’m coming from using for about 4 years, and their notifications always included the comment on the emails. There are many comments that I do NOT need to reply to, so just reading it in my email would be amazing.

@coa when will you be able to release this new feature?

Hey @jaime,

I’ve marked this suggestion as ‘To Discuss’, which means it will be discussed in details and the plan will be made Monday-Tuesday next week.

Is that okay?

that’s perfect @coa thanks!

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Hi @coa how did your discussing go with your team?

I’m getting bombarded by notifications from my 10-person team, and I’m going a little nuts. I’ve had to already invest 4 days where I had to go to bed till 4am just trying to keep up…That’s me working 9am to 6pm, taking a bread for dinner, then working 10pm to 4am…

My need to improve the notifications emails and notifications in general is going from “Important” to “Urgent” very quickly… any updates?

Additionally, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the Google docs / G-suite comments notifications that arrive in Gmail, where you can literally reply to a comment from within the email (right on the body of the email), avoiding wasting time opening the Google doc, finding the comment and commenting. it’s a HUGE time saver… I’m sure that’s more advance… well, they’re Google after all… but great UX. agree?

Any updates would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hey @jaime,

Oh man, I’m so sorry for all the workload you’ve been going through. Do your best to get some rest, man.

We’ll do everything we can from our side, as well, I promise.

This feature is currently in the ‘Backlog’ status, with a huge chance of moving to ‘To Do’ very soon. :slight_smile:

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@coa Sounds good. More feedback about that. I spoke to one of our team members today, she did something different than me from ALL the notifications overload. She decided tu turn OFF all email notifications.

She instead, only uses the in-app notifications (From the bell on top-right), and opens each task as she’s mentioned, or as the notifications show up. I would be ok doing that too I told her, the PROBLEM for me, is that I want to open each task on a NEW tab (This saves lots of time, rather than going back/forth on a single page/tab).

1)Yet, the problem is that I’m NOT able to open each of the notificatoins in a new tab by simply pressing the Control key on my keyboard + clicking the notification to be opened on a new tag. It doesn’t work. Thus, I waste more time clicking on tasks via the in-app notifications. For me it’s faster to just click the link from the email notifications (Holding Contrl key + click on link) that opens the item in a new tab

  1. The other issue I found is that I’m notified for tasks that I’m NOT mentioned in, nor included as a user, nor mentioned in any comment (I’m never mentioned in any part of the item/task), YET, becuase I’m the board owner, I still get notifications. I clicked “settings > Permissions” to see if I could take myself OFF this board’s notifications by default (unless I’m tagged on a comment, or assigned to an item), and I couldnt… thus, I keep getting email notifications for stuff I’m NOT interested in seeing. My team is using the board for other stuff, and I do NOT need to be in the loop… So how can I get “board-level” settings to remove my from notifications even if I created/own the board?

Hi @jaime,

The first issue is regarding Keyboard Shortcuts in Infinity. I understand the pain, but what I usually do is right-click -> Open in a new Tab. It works pretty much all the time, although I know it’s a couple of extra steps and maybe 3-5 seconds longer.

Would this be okay for now? Until we build keyboard shortcuts?

Regarding the #2 issue: That’s strange. So, when you create an item, you’ll automatically get a ‘Watcher’ role.

‘Watcher’ means that you will be notified about all the changes (Comments) on that item.

So the board owner shouldn’t receive notifications for all the items in that board. Board owner and all other roles will receive a notification for items which are ‘watchers’ on.

You can, btw, remove yourself from being a watcher on any of the items (just click on the tile/field I showed you) :slight_smile:

You’re removed as a watcher when you can no longer see an ‘eye’ icon next to your name.

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Hi @coa I do use the “open in new tab” a lot, like a lot… Yes, It’s the same trick I use too for now.

As for the “watcher” icon/role. I scrolled through over 100 notifications, and none show that eye icon. I’ve created plenty of tasks… so not sure why this is missing in my account. Can you help me check why?

Hey @jaime, can you check if you’re added to watchers on items?

It’s located on the top right of the item.

You’ve also added as watcher automatically if someone mentions you in the comment.

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Linked to the above, being able to respond to comments received by email, directly from email (effectively creating a new comment) would be great. Currently this is possible in Asana and Teamworks. It ensures all comments are captured whether as email or as comments.