Entering multiple items in Table View


If I have a folder open in Table view, I can’t seem to be able to add multiple items at once with the keyboard (typing value and then pressing enter). The cursor jumps to the next row and adds a new line, but the last line typed disappears again (with the exception of the very first line added).

Is there a quick way to add multiple rows with just the keyboard or is this a bug?


Hey @OldFreidog,

Unfortunately, there is no option to quickly add items with keyboard shortcuts.

The plan is to implement that with the arrival of the Desktop app, which might be sooner than we aimed for. :slight_smile:

Hey @coa,

I’m curious. What will be the benefit if any, of using the desktop app over the web app?


Performances & keyboard shortcuts are the biggest advantages. :slight_smile:

Probably offline mode, as well.

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@coa Thanks for the quick reply. Too bad, but I guess I can live with that. It‘s not major but makes adding multiple items that much easier.
Looking forward to the next evolution of the product.

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