Euro amount dot & comma

hi all

If I open a ‘form’ on a certain Opportunity in the standard Sales CRM template I now see the Euro amount with a comma on the right decimal place but without the € sign.
But in list and table view the same amount is still shown the USA way but with the € sign in place. It looks likes you are working on it ;). Keep it up!


Hey @folkert.hobma,

I can’t even include the ‘,’ (comma) sign while typing the value in number (currency = euro) field.

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of what you just mentioned here?

Hello .

below a screenshot of new item-attribute €amount:

You can see a Euro-amount with a decimal-comma but without the Euro-sign

But in table view that same amount is shown with a decimal-dot but with the Euro-sign.


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Hey, @folkert.hobma

Got it. I’ll add this screenshot to the suggestion/bug ticked I’ve created on Friday. :slight_smile:

As the ‘Precision’ field includes decimal-dot by default, I think that’s why it’s rendering a dot in the View, as well (in your case, Table View).

Thank you very much for noticing and sharing this!

You’re welcome. Infinity sure has a lot of potential but it is missing a few essentials for me, like proper euro-format, calculation-formula and scripts to automatically add, modifi or delete items. I saw them on the roadmap. Hopefully in the new, soon to release version :wink:

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