EverNote links show "Welcome Back" Generic Title

Hi everyone,

When I paste a link / URL / “Internal Link” from my EverNote app, into the “Link” attribute in Infinity, I have it set to display URL titles, so it SHOULD show …well…the TITLE of the webpage vs. the link itself.

This feature works pretty well, except for these EverNote links; Infinity only displays as the title; “Welcome Back” + the EverNote Icon, instead of the note title.

Again; I selected the “copy internal link” out of the EverNote windows program, and when I paste it, below is what it spits out:

[INFINITY - MY TRIAL NOTES - NEW TASK MANAGER, TOODLEDO ALTERNATIVE / REPLACEMENT - TO DO TASKS] (https://www.evernote.com/shard/s30/ij/8950556x4525/4501/ff-x5209-ad2a-c56b03fdz89)

INFINITY TASK MGR NOTES - Calls with Infinity

I assume the reason for this is because Infinity is not integrated with my EverNote, so when Infinity queries the URL, it just gets a generic EverNote login screen, right?

Is there any fix / workaround for this?

Is it possible to integrate EverNote + Infinity?

It would be super helpful if I could see the actual titles of the EverNote URL’s I paste into infinity…

Thank You!


Hey there @strativourakis :wave:

Titles can be changed easily, you can expand the item, find the link attribute, click on the link stored in the attribute and then select “edit”, once you click on edit - rename the link to whatever you want and save it.

Here’s what I mean by that:

change url settings

Regarding Integration, we don’t have a native one, however Zapier is always an option, here’s were you can see all the possibilities with it:

Let me know if that helps :pray:

Thank You!!

It’s funny because just today, I discovered that I can in fact edit the URL titles, and thought of this thread! LOL…

Obviously I’d prefer it to just do it automatically but whatever… Usually when I attach an EverNote URL, it’s directly & specifically related to the item and it’s the only EverNote or maybe one of 2-3, so not a huge deal…

I can also just get lazy & paste it into one of my long text fields which does very cleanly post a perfect HTML clickable link + title to the note… :smiley:

Thanks again!

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