Export Sorted Table View & Bulk Edit on Table View

Currently, we can only export CSV on folder level only. Please have the ability to export CSV for the sorted Table View. Also, we want to be able to do bulk edit on table view. Select multiple records and delete or move to other folders. Thank you for your consideration!

@luminion.llc Regarding the bulk editing: https://startinfinity.com/help/1.0/structure/items#using-multiple-select-on-your-items

Hi @luminion.llc :wave:

That is true, each folder can be exported as csv, individually, one by one. However, you can export a whole board as well - which will also give you CSV files for each individual folder inside that board.

Here’s how you can export a whole board:

Once you click on it, a zip file will be downloaded - containing csv files for each individual folder inside that board. :+1:

When it comes to feature request, I’ll definitely create an internal suggestion for the team - and see if that is something that could be introduced, developed or designed or at maybe even introduced with the reporting feature we have planned on developing in the future. :thinking:

Also, here’s where you can check all our planned features for infinity, you can vote for them and you can suggest additional ones via the form below the roadmap.

Bulk options and multiple select - was well explained by Jovanas comment on our roadmap, just as @v11 mentioned above. This is the very first version of our multiple select feature that allows you to select multiple items, move them from one folder to another, delete them or copy their URLs. Thank you for doing that @v11 we really appreciate it!

If you have any additional questions or request, feel free to let us know, we are always looking forward to those as we want to add even more value to Infinity :slight_smile:

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