Export to CSV is Useless


I was trying to export some data to see in excel and google sheets.

Export to CSV is utterly useless, how does exporting references to other database with a long string useful and not just writing the actual value?

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Hello @robertgranholm, sorry to hear that!

Unfortunately, this is how it works for now because a Reference functions basically as a link to another item. You can see it as the name of the other item, but the system reads it as a link to that other item. (That’s why you can also click it and it will open that other item.)

That being said, we will work on improving import and export to csv in the future because there are some things that do need to be fixed and updated.

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I hope you do improve this.

I think many people have similar exporting to CSV problems.
Formula Attributes won’t be exported to CSV either.
I wish all attributes could be exported with its actual value (not the long reference link).

Thanks for giving us hope. :blush:

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