Export to PDF function for table,list & gantt chart

hi a neat feature that i really liked about Asana is the ability to print to pdf of my tasks makes it really convenient to have it especially when im out on site and internet connectivity is not an option.

it would really be great to be able to print out the the gantt chart too in a gantt chart format rather than an excel spreadsheet format. Curious to know if this feature is in any pipeline?


Hi @hormingjack96

I absolutely agree with you on that one, the ability to print would be an amazing addition to Infinity. For now, I can tell you that we do have a “print” feature in the planning section of our roadmap.

In our community’s voce folder, we have “print to PDF” requests and suggestions, since our “print” feature is still in the planning stage, I am sure our team will consider all the options when it comes to how “print” feature is going to work exactly.

Thank you for suggesting that, we really appreciate it.

Just a small reminder, you can always request new features and post new suggestions via our suggestion form.