Eyeson Video Calls Integration


A integration with eyeson (https://www.eyeson.com/) would be awesome. It´s for video/audio calls and they doesn´t require any app installation. So they can run in any browser. They can also directly integrate into trello, so I guess an integration into infintiy would be possible and awesome to have. You would be able to have audio and video calls right in infinity!



That’s a great suggestion, @micck!

Thank you so much. I’m adding this to the suggestion ticket right away.

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I tested eyeson over several weeks now and unfortunately it’s extremely laggy and not working properly. In addition it seems the team is reluctant to implement important functionalities for moderating video conferences.
So sorry for my suggestion, didn’t want to waste your time. It is better invested somewhere else.

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Thank you for the update @micck

We at Infinity are currently using ‘Whereby’, and are getting an idea or two from it :wink:



We’re using zoom :slight_smile:

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We are using Vectera here.

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I also switched to using zoom, which works great



I like Whatsapp, the ability to send video, image, audio and text in a live or asynchronous conversation with an individual or a group. Super powerful and what the future of communication within an organisation should look like.

Hugely powerful, i just don’t like the fact that facebook is mining everything you say in there…

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