Feature request: Dark mode

Already on Sep 18, there was a promise for a dark mode but this never happened: Infinity Product Roadmap

I would really appreciate a dark mode for both the website and app.

Hi @JaY! Unfortunately we gave up on the idea to had dark mode as on of the core features for the initial release. But we do plan to implement it eventually.

Currently it’s in the Community’s Voice of our roadmap and has quite a few votes, so it will probably find its way into our roadmap soon: https://app.startinfinity.com/b/NT8hFqSBqwx/xgjYzqVcL1U/f610a748-c114-46ff-9718-dfea082c7c49

Feel free to vote for it there as well. :slight_smile:


@Jovana Just a thought on Dark mode:

We are a small fire department that uses Toughbooks on some of our engines to fill reports and enter information about calls. Having a dark mode will make it safer for the passenger to input data without distracting the driver, or causing his eyes to need an adjustment on a run at night. I see higher priority features on top, and I agree with the steps you all are taking. Just giving some thoughts that don’t affect everyone.


Thank you for your input, it’s definitely great and beneficial to find out all the ways people are using Infinity and why you actually need certain features.

We’ve honored to hear you chose Infinity as your tool. :slight_smile:

About dark mode in web app, Chrome Force Dark mode works well in almost features.

Just a question for native app @Jovana : could you simply apply Chrome Force Dark mode to windows/mac application please?

Hello @lenguyenx, welcome to the community!

Since we’re talking about a Chrome extension, I believe it’s not possible to apply it to the desktop app. However, we are planning to create our own dark mode in the future.

You can vote for the suggestion here.

I’m hoping you plan to do dark mode (when you do get around to it), but with some color in the bars and folders. I tried the Dark Reader and it’s just too black and white. I’ve seen some dark modes in apps that still have color and not just completely black and white. That leaves it easier on the eyes, but not so dull and drab.


I also tried Dark Reader…it looked awful.

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I agree, Dark mode done badly can be pretty awful and eye-straining, which defeats the object. Stay away from pure blacks and whites.