Features and layout with screenshots


Here is something that is very important to me. If we can get similar features and layout, it would be perfect.

I have linked images instead of attached images because as a new user I can only upload one image on this support board…




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Hi @lokkom, Can you explain a little what kind of feature you’re aiming at?

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Reporting (progress bar?)?



-Basically an option to display a left hand panel where it shows, a Task bar, projects, inbox, etc, for easy access to switch between certain things.

-Progress bar indicating percentage of completion of the overall project or task. (The option to disable a progress bar for tasks too that are on-going)

-Category tabs where it shows if this project/task/client is labeled under “SEO, WEB DESIGN, ADWORDS, OR multiple” You can see this in the second picture where it says “Completed - WEB” and it tells me this project is web design related"

-Also on the third picture, you can see a pop up that comes up when you hit a certain task and within that tasks there is tasks and each task has it’s own comments/attachments/timesheet section. There is a start date, due date, delegate, followers, etc.

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Also the ability to bold the “Name” part of the attributes. Would be nice for it to stand out as a title rather than look like it’s part of the description of a to do list.

(Eventually also be able to underline and bold descriptions and change formats for the letters, add emojis, bulleted list, hyperlinks, italics and so on)

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Hey @lokkom,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts :slight_smile:

So for the 1) thing, I’d say ‘Agenda View’ would be a good solution. Similar to what a couple of competitors or other PM tools are having right now. We’re also planning to build a feature similar to that. It’s definitely something we should highly consider, and to be honest, we are. It’s just a matter of time and the exact way we’ll do that. :slight_smile:

For the 2) – Progress bar is also on the Roadmap. But not as a Priority right now to be honest. We might see it this summer. :slight_smile:

As for the 3) and 4) I think you just have a slightly different vision of our current features/possibilities.

Categorization is possible Infinity by combining the ‘Labels’ attribute which contains certain ‘Tags’ with the ‘Group’ feature. Grouping by labels will categorize your data by the tags you’ve created.

As far as 4) --> attributes, comments and activity log are shown once you ‘expand the item’ in the right sidebar or modal.

Oh and also: item formatting will definitely be live in the following weeks :slight_smile:



Yes, but they can use a bit design polishing :slight_smile:

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Yes it definitely needs to be polished and have more options. It’s kind of bland with no other options.

Like does the section state who made the comments? or do we know who made the comments.

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Hey @lokkom,

As we’ve released ‘Notifications’ feature 2 days ago, now you can see who mentioned you in a comment and made changes to the item you’re ‘watcher’ on.

For more details, check this article: http://help.startinfinity.com/features/notifications