Field Permission

A pretty straightforward feature request which is available on Airtable. The ability to specify which user will be able to edit a specific field (ideally, we would have the option to make a list of users) or at the very least, we would be able to specify which one of the member groups from the current member classification (Admin, Full Member,& Restricted Member) have access to edit a specific field. Currently, my workaround with this limitation is to completely hide the field value for a specific field & replace them with a picture of the value of that field so the user would still be able to change the fields that they’re allowed to change while only being able to view/remove/upload a new image & therefore protecting the actual field that contains the data to not be changed accidentally as you can imagine not the most ideal process especially when dealing with dynamic variable. It would be great to have this feature in place. Would also be interested if any users/admin have another workaround for this problem that I can implement right away. Thanks!