File Size Limit in Form?

Quick question, is there a reason that the form upload limit is soo small? Weirdly it got to 100% uploading a 500mb file, only to be told that the upload limit is approx 5000Kb? Any way to change this, or limit it to something more reasonable like 1GB? I want to ask customers to upload a video testimonial as an exit form in infinity.


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100% agreed to this request. It would be very very helpful to increase the file size when uploading something!

Hello @CodeKnight and @frank.herrlinger! Unfortunately yes, the limit when uploading via the form is 5MB. This limit was set in place by our dev team to prevent any possible abuse of the storage for workspace owners as well as possible upload of unwanted/malicious/illegal data.

We also had a couple of users report this as a security issue before we had this limitation, so we decided to implement the limitation.

Hope that makes sense!

Hey Jovana, you will need to explain that a little more because that makes 0 Sense to me. :frowning:

How does reducing the file size that can be uploaded via the form increase security? Malicious programs are easily smaller than 5mb.

How does this prevent unwanted/malicious/illegal data? I’m pretty sure if i was committed to uploading illegal content i could fit it into 5MB…

As for abusing workspace storage? Isn’t it up to the workspace owner as to how they manage it? I.e. I would just delete the offending files and educate the person who did it. OR i would set custom limits per FORM, or per WORKSPACE. A blanket rule for every workspace in infinity is a severe and unnecessary limitation that restricts many use cases.

Uses cases that are now impossible:

  1. Video Resume Submissions
  2. Capturing Video testimonials from customers
  3. Video competition submissions
  4. Uploading multiple images / video as part of an inspection or review
  5. Many use cases for graphic design / CAD / marketing / engineering / architecture / industries with large file sizes.
  6. Presentation / Powerpoint files from speakers to the coordinators of a live event / seminar.
  7. And many more…

A form based slider that lets the workspace admin determine the data limit with a default of 5MB is the best solution to this.


Any update on this @Jovana?