Files don't last for a long time


Hi, as I use Infinity to store our daily sales, inventory,… reports I found out that it doesn’t stay long enough.

As files added to Infinity will be gone after 2 months. Is there a possible way for it to last so we can use it as a replacement for Google Drive or other cloud storage?

Thank you.



I would be truly SHOCKED if files were deleted from infinity after 2 months, where did you see this? It would make the use of infinity impossible for most use cases involving files.



Hi @ehnmm :wave:

Whatever you upload inside infinity will stay there until you basically remove them, it does not expire or anything similar to that.

Of course, infinity isn’t a replacement for google drive, dropbox or similar, as we are a work management platform, but you can most certainly use it to attach and save some files that you need for your work, files related to your projects tasks and so much more.

Now, regarding the issue:

  1. Could you tell us if the file was imported?
  2. Did you upload it manually?
  3. Were you able to see it before (preview it)
  4. Can you download it now by clicking on the download button?
  5. Did you maybe import that whole folder from trello?
  6. Do your other attachments on other items and in other boards work just fine?

We are looking forward to your reply @ehnmm :v:




1-3. Yes the file was imported manually by one of my employee and I was able to open and download it before.
4. No I cannot download it, it will direct to a 404 page.
5. No, we imported it straight to Infinity.
6. I found out that only files that are in excel .xlsx format are not able to open after 2 months. Files like .pdf and .doc are fine up until now (around 6 months).

Please take a look, thank you :smiley:



Hi @ehnmm :wave:

Alright, so since we have a 404 page, then we might have to escalate it to another level. :top:

The best course of action would be to contact us via our live chat support, so that we can get additional info that we need in order to go through the issue and fix it.

(please mention that you already have a thread on our forum for this specific issue, so that we can connect the two together, thank you)

We are looking forward to your message :v: