Filter by project (reference) and more

Hi community,

after many months without any events in my industry (I’m a tech and gaming writer/blogger), there’s now an (extremely down-sized) trade show coming up for which I’m preparing using Infinity. In my “planner” board I have folders for projects, tasks, events (appointments/meetings) and notes, all linked together with reference fields. I’ve come across some issues / missing features which I would like to share here:

  • Edit (big scheduling / time bug): After I group events by my “start” (date and time) attribute to get a mobile-friendly daily schedule in a list view, it seems to reset to 12:00 - my whole, elaborate schedule is messed up now :frowning_face:

  • Filter by project (reference): I wanted to create a calendar tab with only the events relating to the trade show/conference but in my events folder I can only filter if “project” (a reference field) is empty or not empty, not project = “Tradeshow XYZ 2020”. It would be great to filter tasks and events by my reference field called “project” or any reference field for that matter.

  • Mobile Calendar experience: On mobile, instead of having a day or week view for that upcoming, hectic time, I only have a list view of events. That wouldn’t be such a problem if the date field on the item would not just show the date, but also the time - if I don’t know what time I have to be at which location, I’ll miss product launches to write about as well as one-on-one meetings to drive my side-business forward. A push reminder would be helpful too - maybe a customizable one where you can choose what data is in the notification. Like "Your next appointment called starts at located at (short text field)

  • IOS Share option: When an exhibitor emails me a PDF with the presentation / meeting agenda, I’d like to have the option “open in Infinity” / “Share to Infinity” so I’ll have it handy when I’m on the go. This was just an example for my current use case but applies to more things like articles to read later or random tasks that pop up in emails and texts.

Looking forward to further development of Infinity and thanks in advance,


Hello @saskia! Let me try to address all your points, one by one. :slight_smile:

  1. First of all, I’ve managed to reproduce this bug and indeed it’s a terrible oversight on our end. I notified our product manager immediately and she has already created the task for our dev team to check this out and fix it asap. So sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. When it comes to customization with references, this is a bit tricky for our system. Since reference can be practically any item in your board, grouping and filtering by a certain reference is problematic for us to achieve. We hope to be able to tackle this challenge in the future, but for now this is how it works, unfortunately.

  3. Great suggestions and definitely things we are considering - especially the push notifications. But right now our main focus is on some major features in the desktop app - such as automation and formulas which are taking a lot of our dev team’s time and effort, so the mobile apps are not a priority. We do plan to improve them in the future, but it’s probably a little while down the road.

  4. To be honest, I’m not sure how this would work and if it would be possible. We are considering having an email to task functionality in the future (sending the whole email as an item/task to Infinity), but having an attachment from an email open or sent to Infinity, I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible. :thinking: If I understood you correctly.

Hope my answers help a bit!