Filter: date today

Hey, is there any way to use the filter so you only see items with today’s date AND a past date aka overdue items? This is very important - I don’t think I need to explain why…

Cheers, Michael


Hey @Micheco!

So, here’s how I did it: (Check the image below)

Mind that since we still don’t have automation feature in Infinity, you’d need to change the parameters for your filters every day. As you can see, for today’s date I’ve put before February 27. If I’d do it tomorrow, I’d put February 28.

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
Yeah I thought about that, but that’s pretty annoying especially having more than one tab I would need to change that daily. Plus if you forget to change the filter you might oversee important tasks.

So how exactly is the automation feature going to help with this?

Wouldn’t it be easy to add an option to choose ‘today’ as date when you choose ‘before’: that way I could filter items with the date ‘today’ and ‘before today’. Does that make sense?

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Hey @Micheco,

I understand completely.

So instead of daily check-in and change of filter parameters, automation would basically do that for you: Just like you’ve said:

Automation feature would basically allow ‘Today’ and ‘Before’ to swap the time frame, instead of the date(which is our current option). With that, Automation processes in Infinity would automatically read today’s date, and it would update (again, automatically) every single day.

Anyway, I’ve put your suggestion in the queue, just in order for me to check with our developers if that’s a reasonable solution at the moment and the possible ETA for that functionality.

Thank you for your answer and the clarification. Looking forward to further improvements and new features.

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Oh and if I filter today OR before today I can’t use another AND filter - that’s very limiting. In this example I’d like to see items due today or before today AND with a checkbox (e.g. “completed”) unchecked. Is there a workaround and are you going to improve the filter usability?

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Hey @Micheco,

I’ve just discussed this with one of our devs and putting AND after OR filter is a little bit tricky from the logical side of the code. It has to do a lot with symbols such as brackets ( ).

However, for now, there is no workaround for that. Maybe creating another tab with a different set of filters could help :slight_smile:

And we’ll dive into a bunch of research regarding improving our filters feature. We agree that it needs a bit polishing though. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for taking the time to open this topic!

OK, thanks for your reply. I must admit I have no clue about coding but wouldn’t it be “pretty easy” to filter items like that: I want all items to be x AND building on that I want them to be y OR z.
I don’t even know if that makes a difference haha.

It would be highly appreciated if before can be automated with the todays date.


That is the plan for the ‘Automations’ feature! :slight_smile:

Hopefully Q1-Q2 2020.

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