Filter/Hide Folders

It would be really handy if I could filter out seeing folders that had items that were completed (or whatever tag/check box) or didn’t have any items assigned to a certain user.

Here is a screenshot video that goes into my suggestion:

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Hey @jmerante,

Thank you very much for sending us these videos. They are really helping us collect the most quality feedback and ideas regarding the productivity tool we’re building. You freakin’ rock.

Regarding your issue:

So, if I understood correctly, you’d like a sort of a feature or functionality which would show you how many tasks are there which are not done?

I’m 100% agreeing with you that it could be super useful and beneficial to a lot of people. However, I think that switching that number with the actual number of items you have in one folder (24, just like you mentioned in the video) would not be possible. That’s because you could have different views with many different filtered out items, and we wouldn’t know which number (from which View) would we show. The best logic event we’ve come up so far is to show the total amount of items that specific folder contains.

On the other hand, a separate button or number which would show how many items are undone will be part of a Reporting feature which our devs will build a bit later on. The approximate ETA for that would be June this year.

Also, one of the solutions might be our ‘Overview’ feature which my colleague and I showed you via the Demo call. :slight_smile:

But that would show all the undone tasks from all the folders at a glance. Just choose the Columns View for your Overview Tab, and group it by ‘Done’ Checkbox. You’ll get a number of items on the top of the column, just like in this image:

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

I think this might be more about being able to hide and unhide folders if thy meet some kinds of criteria.

For me, my criteria would be [Checkbox ‘done’ checked for all items in folder = hide folder].

This way I would add noise to my system, I could see only the things I need to work on or I could see everything if I needed to pull info from the archive of completed work.