Filter: Show unchecked from Checklist

Hi again!
I am using a top folder in column view and filters, to easily show unchecked tasks in checklist attributes in subfolders.

The problem is, the filter does not have a “show only not checked”. I want to opposite of “All checked”. I would like to see only Main Attribute clients who have unchecked boxes in my “subtasks” or “to do” list. Maybe Contains: “Some checked”, or Contains: “Unchecked”

Is there a better way to filter for this that I am missing?

Screenshot shows the current options.

Hi @avij :wave:

Currently, such filtering option to get “some checked” or “Unchecked” is not possible. We’ve had similar suggestions before and we do have detailed responses on it, over on this thread where our colleague Jovana explained the situation we are in and what is currently going on with the overall development and our priorities for the time being.

I would suggest using the columns view as you would always be able to see which ones are checked and which ones aren’t. I can also suggest maybe using a completely different structure ( however, I understand that this might be way too much work. It also depends on your use case and what you are actually working on / doing) , instead of “to do” through a checklist, maybe you can create a whole new subfolder and have those “to do” tasks over there and then link them with main tasks/projects that you are working on. You can add a checkbox which allows you to filter out all checked or unchecked tasks.

Hopefully that helps a bit :v:

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