Filtering to show only tasks with a range through a certain date


I’m wondering how to filter items by start date and due date so that the user will see only items that happen within the current day or week.

For example, say I have three tasks spanning the following start and end dates:

Oct 23 - Nov 6
July 1 - Dec 31
Sept 23 - Nov 1

I want to show only tasks that exist as open on Nov 4. I was filtering based on start and end dates initially, but that would exclude tasks like the Jul 1 - Dec 31 task. Is there a way to filter so that the user can see open tasks at a certain point in time?

Thank you!

Hello @claire.prokopenko, welcome to the community!

I just did some experimenting for your use case, and I believe this might be able to work:

So, for the example you have given, you would just need to set two filters like this.

To keep things simpler, perhaps you could also add a certain label that would indicate that a task is still open. So whenever you need to single out only the open tasks, you would be able to do it easily with just one filter.

Let me know if this could work. :slight_smile: