Find duplicate data


I am looking for an option to identify duplicate data within a table. For example, after importing data to an existing table I want to know if any of the lines are duplicates. I thought there may be an option to add a filter where “Name of X” is the same. However, since my attribute is text (not a label) this is not an option. Since the table has over 500 lines I would like to be able to identify the repeated lines quickly and efficiently.

I appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

Hello @annemarie.nechodom, sorry for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, a filter is a workaround for this issue at the moment. You can filter by using some part of the item names. But if you have a lot of items, this might be a lot of legwork.

Another suggestion might be to sort your data by Name and then you might be able to notice the duplicates more easily at a glance if you went through your table.

Hope that helps a bit.