First column in Table view disappears from view

A very important function is no longer working!

In the Table view, the first column on the left side of the Table, the referential column that contains each row’s number and 3-dot menu, no longer remains in view when we horizontally scroll the table to the right. The column’s top header section remains in view while scrolling, but the the rows below it that contain each row’s number and 3-dot menu disappears from view.

It was an excellent, practical user-friendly function that the first referential column remained in view when we scrolled to the right because no matter how far we scrolled, we were always able to reference and remain cognizant of which row number(s) we’re viewing. This functionality is especially important when working in Tables that contain numerous rows. It’s equally - if not more - important when a Table’s rows are sectioned into Groups (like Status for example).

Now, when we scroll to the right, each Group’s first referential column that contains its row numbers disappears from view; so we have no quick, clear and easy way of knowing how many rows are in the Group(s) unless we count them - which is extremely impractical.

Also and just as important, with the current behavior, as soon as we begin scrolling to the right, we immediately lose access to a key feature - the ability to open (and close) a row’s Side-Modal via its first column. This is quite frustrating because if we are viewing data in the middle of a wide Table (or any part where the first row is out of view) and we want to open a row’s Side-Modal, we have no choice but to tediously scroll all the way back to the left to access the first row to do so.

I noticed this loss of functionality a while ago, but haven’t posted about it because I thought it’d be fixed and I haven’t had time. In the interim it’s become annoying and made using Table view a clunky experience. I’m thinking it’s an oversight because the team has been so swamped with the major changes of the last couple of months.

Hopefully this is not a complicated and super time consuming fix that’s doable soon, and doesn’t fall through the cracks or get put on the way-back burner. Thanks.

Hey @chrish,

Woah. Sorry that this issue has occurred, we’ve had some trouble and bugs with the Table View yesterday.

I can see this is still an ongoing bug, and will be fixed very soon.

Thank you so much!

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Great! Thanks for the response. Looking forward to it!

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This css bug has been fixed @chrish :slight_smile:

Now waiting for a final deploy.

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