Floating open the closed left-side folder structure panel

Floating open the closed left-side folder structure panel when the cursor mouse-overs the panel’s open/close button.

Set it up so the panel remains open while the cursor is hovering within it, to view and scroll through the folder structure and/or to click and switch folders; then when the cursor moves off of the panel, it floats closed.

The best case - and coolest - scenario is to offer as options that when the panel floats open, it does so as an overlay of the folder’s space and content, or it displaces the folder’s space and content creating its own section - as it does now. Also include a setting to “Turn floating off”, where the panel remains fixed open, so there’s a full range of choices!

This feature would remove the tedium of constantly clicking the panel’s open/close button to maximize folder space. The floating overlay option would allow quick navigational access to the folders’ structure while - other than the few seconds its open - giving consistent access to the maximum real estate afforded by it being closed.

This will especially interest those of us working on laptops who typically are interested in maximizing our available screen real estate; it’s probably safe to assume that we will be a huge segment of Infinity’s user base.

You could offer the new “Floating folder panel” (with its floating overlay and floating section options) and the current “Fixed folder panel” in a drop-down menu placed next to or integrated into the existing folder panel open/close button.

Hey @chrish :slight_smile:

I like the suggestion! I’ll put it into the suggestion queue.

I think there could be an option to toggle on/off the ‘floating’ of the left folder panel/bar.

Thank you very much!

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Fantastic. Looking forward to it!

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I would like to add: when in “non-floating state” apply word wrap to folder names that are longer than the widths of the folder panels widths.

For this is another reason I keep fiddling with the folder panel and its width.

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