Focus matrix template

Hi Infinity team, I would love to get an other template : a focus matrix that would have 2 columns (Urgent / Not urgent) and 2 lines (Important / Not important)


+1. If you could pick two lists (e.g. location and priority) this could be a very expandable, very useful view!

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Hey @matthieu.rouvin and welcome to the Community Forum :slight_smile:

Thanks @BaiJie for hopping by!

We’re currently working on including a bunch of new templates in Infinity!

We could work around your suggestion, as well. We’re planning on implementing the ‘Double-Grouping’ or ‘swimlanes’ in Infinity very soon. :slight_smile:

All the best!

Is this still in progress?

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Hey @ton!

Yes, swimlanes/double grouping is still in the roadmap/pipeline.


Wow, can really see the power of this, Chooseing any two lists and seeing where and how the data converges in a matrix would be cool.

Make sure to have drag and drop functionality between the different zones in the matrix, and the ability to add new records at the intersections.

Now that we are talking 2D, is there a reasonable way of having a 3D Matrix :stuck_out_tongue: Half Joking, Half Serious.