Folder Card or Company/Project Card

I have a suggestion based on how we would be using Infinity. That suggestion is to either have a card with info in it that is general or have a description for a card that contains rich info. Right now we are mainly looking at using Infinity for client data presentation (think social media links, etc) and it would be very nice for there to be some way to display say who our project manager is for that client, what the anniversary date is, who the graphics lead is, etc. Right now I am putting those assignments in our “Products/Services” area but I would like to have a summary of all of that in one place. I’m not really sure how to describe it but it is almost like an organization’s/folder’s info card that has rich text and fields in it. Like you would have in CRM for say Insightly.

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Hey Denny!

Thanks for the brief!

I’ve got some very good news for you:

You CAN create a very powerful CRM in Infinity by combining folders (and subfolders) and reference attribute.

Since the video I wanted to share here is too large in file size, I’ll share it with you on Skype.

Thank you very much!


BTW - I just discovered that the high-level folder (parent) can each have their own views so I think that solves the problems. Now once you add view locking (aka standard members can’t delete views and even project admins can’t add/delete but CAN edit info) this is what I need. I’ll share an example once I created this in my sample project. Thx.

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