Folder General Field and Item attributes

Good morning,

I think it would be useful to implement the following features:

  • to insert general fields for folders, so that links or other general documents of the project can be added in them;
  • the ability to remove some attributes from some tasks: for example I don’t need to have a link in all the project’s tasks, but only in some of them. Right now any item has this field.

If these features have already been implemented or if it is possible to do what I have proposed in other ways, I apologize and kindly ask you to show me the way.

Kind regards,

Hello @todeschini.giacomo1, and welcome to the community!

Regarding the first point, that’s a good suggestion. I will add it to our list so the dev team can discuss it and decide if it’s possible.

Regarding the second point - at the moment this is how the system works. We envisioned the folder as holding a set of related data that contains more or less the same types of information. The way the system was built right now, it would not be possible to customize what fields each item has.

Some tools (like Trello) work like this, but this is a Kanban tool so it makes sense. In Infinity, for example, the table/spreadsheet view wouldn’t be possible to create if each item had different attributes.

So, although the suggestion makes sense, it wouldn’t fit into our system at the moment. Hope that makes sense.

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