Folder record count remains at 1 even after all records deleted

A new folder will show no records. Once a record is added the count increments to 1. Another record increments to 2, etc. If I delete a record it decrements to 1. However delete the last record and the count still shows 1, even with the empty folder.

I noticed that since over a week ago

Yes, it’s actually been this way for several months, I have been lax at getting around to reporting it.
Thanks for validating it’s not just me.:+1:

It’s a bug. Been there since quite some time. If you refresh the board, the counts should update

Ha! So it does. Thanks @pathik!

Hi @chris.nixon13, thank you for reporting this!

We will submit a ticket for this to get resolved as soon as possible, but until it’s fixed, as @pathik suggested you can refresh the page and it will remove confusion.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Hi @chris.nixon13,

Came to give you all a little update regarding this issue, it has been fixed recently and now it works as intended. So there’s no need for you to refresh the page anymore in order to get your numbers right :wink:

Here’s a little gif of it as well: