Folder slow with a large number of item

why do folders slow down if you have a large number of items? How can this be solved?

Hi @alessia.muggironi :wave:

Glad to see you here again :partying_face:

There are a few different reasons why that might be happening:

  1. A lot of attributes
  2. References / Formulas (they are heavy attributes that require a few extra things, loading additional data, doing calculations - front end, and a bit more)
  3. Huge number of items

We do suggest having up to 10.000 items in one board as everything above that could potentially impact your speed and performance of that board.

Could you tell us a bit more about your board:

  1. Can you tell us an overall number of items in that specific board?
  2. Are there any of the attributes mentioned above?
  3. Can you tell us a total number of attributes in that board?
  4. Did using our desktop app help when it comes to speed?

If you are having major issues and the board does not load at all or you are getting errors - feel free to reach out to us via live chat support and we’ll investigate the issue together with you.