Folder with Colors


It will be great to select a colour to add on folders. When we work with a lot of folders, it will help work much faster. In fact, I saw that on the mockup of but don’t see it when we use it.



Yes! And custom background for main area.



Colors will be great and even icons (coming from Notion, love to have icons based on type of folder it is - design, development, documents, client and etc). And as @man mentioned, having background images, and the ability to upload own, will make our working space just more attractive and a pleasure to work at.



Would like this too - one of my favourite features of Asana, which makes the overall calendar view easier to digest in terms of task folder/category.

Please add it!



We’re all excited about this! Colors would a wonderful addition.

But I’ll second @Vito… being able to switch out icons would be great too! I’m visual and it really does help to see certain icons represent specific projects. They don’t need to be emojis, just a limited selection of clean simple icons. Airtable has this icon feature and I love it.



Any update on this? Would love this feature.



Hey @tjprayner, hey guys!

Actually, we’ve decided to implement a different design solution to differentiate between folders. We’re going to add emojis to them. :muscle:

I don’t have an exact ETA for this, but it should be implemented in the next two months. Hope you guys like it. :blush:

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I’m curious, maybe a sneak peek in the meantime? :smile:

Btw, any ETA on column accents and custom backgrounds?



@man, If I snatch a sample, I’ll make sure to share it with you guys. :smile:

When it comes to column accents and custom backgrounds, unfortunately, no ETA for that yet. We have several other priorities so this is put on hold for now. Regarding design, our main priority right now is a huge one - a complete redesign of the dashboard and all its settings. It’s going to be much more intuitive. :slight_smile:



Ok, thanks, I can live with no ETA as long as it’s somewhere on the roadmap or in the backlog. :wink: And I agree, redesigned dashboard is definitely a priority! :smiley: