Folders - How do they REALLY work?

Hi, guys -

I’m still struggling with the purpose and properties of FOLDERS vs VIEWS. These questions keep bugging me:

  • Are Folders the same as Views? Just a different way of looking at the same data? Or do they have distinct features?
  • Do all the folders in a board share the same data/items?
  • Can an item exist in more than one folder? (I can’t figure out how to see the same item two folders at once.)

I’ve tried watching the videos, and reading the help files, but I can’t seem to find the answers to these questions. Can anyone help clarify the actual True Nature of folders, and how we can use them to create an integrated system?

Hi @adam,

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Folders are way to structure and categorize your data better.

Say that your board is your design agency.

Now, in a design agency there could be multiple departments: animation, video, and images (or UX/UI).

Folders are exactly that: units which will help you classify your organization better, and have a better look at your board.

Folder A — Animation
Folder B — Video
Folder C — Images

On the other hand, views (or Tabs) are simply another / an additional way to see and organize your data. THE SAME data.

So, in folder A, there’s a certain data. (Say account credentials for your business). You can have three different views (A, B, C) organized in different views - such as columns, list and calendar, also grouped by different attributes, or with another filter applied. Possibilities are endless.

In folder B, there’s another type of data (like your employee’s info). Now in that specific folder, you can also have 2 different views, such as Table and List with, yet again, different setup (group, filter, sort, etc).

  • Can an item exist in more than one folder? (I can’t figure out how to see the same item two folders at once.)

It can. You can now duplicate an item if you expand it, and click on the three dots, and drag&drop the duplicated item to another folder.

An option to ‘Move’ or ‘Move and Merge’ option will show. I suggest going with Move & Merge :slight_smile:

Hope this was helpful.

Also, maybe we can try talking this through over Skype, or a Demo. Feel free to schedule it here:

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Quick question here… When you duplicate an item, you aren’t really seeing the same item in multiple places right? you are just copy/pasting the data that currently exists… If I were to update the original item, the duplicate item would not be updated as well, is that right?

So in that sense of the definition, items don’t exist in more than one folder, but you can view all items using the overview feature, or if the item is in a subfolder and you choose to include subfolders in the current view.

Hi @BaiJie, you are correct. The exact same item can’t exist in two folders at once. Folders are there to help you classify/separate your data. Imagine your folders as boxes - if you put an item in one box, it won’t be present in another box. :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

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