Folders / icons / thumbnail customization

My request can in fact be broken down to three things:

  1. Browser Favicon

I believe the Infinity logo favicon should indicate I am visiting a landing page or a forum or a help page or any other general directory, whilst when working on projects the default could be the workspace avatar / organisation logo so that one could intuitively navigate tabs.

it could maybe be adjustable if someone prefers to leave the grandient Infinity logo stay?

  1. Folder icons customization

How about introducing a custom pictogram or an emoji instead of a default folder symbol? Something like this works very well in Notion & helps with navigation a lot.

  1. Icon / colour corresponding folder columns

When using a “Source Folder” view for folders, the heading background is always grey and folder icon is colourless with just an outline.

For me personally a disctintive icon and/or a colour would help to glimpse where I am at much much quicker; in a minimum version just the icon could relate to existing folder tree colours.

Please consider these suggestions for visually oriented users. :slight_smile:

Hi @norbert :wave:

Would have to say that we’ve had a few similar suggestions in the past especially considering these options.

  1. An interesting suggestion, for now - you can only see the title difference - which can indicate where you are (what board you are in), but I agree - its a small detail that can maybe help users navigate faster / better through their tabs.

  2. Even though the Icon itself is not customizable, in the name of the folder itself - you can add an emoji, which can help in this particular case here’s how that would look

Extra tip for everyone reading this -> you can add emojis to your tabs, labels, attribute names.

  1. I agree, if nothing else - at least the folder icon should be the same color as it is in the folder tree.

These are all improvements in some way, shape or form, so I’ll be happy to forward them to our team and create internal tickets for this / or give extra importance to already existing ones!

Thank you @norbert :v: