Force Table view on mobile

Is there a way to force table view on mobile? I do have only one attribute, so there should be enough space. But I don’t want my clients to have to click into each of the items, but directly see all values of the number items.

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Hey @micck :wave:

This used to be possible back - you could open up chrome on your mobile device, load infinity and in the settings of google chrome you could select / force the browser to load a desktop version of it.

That brought back all the views, tabs, filters, automations and many other options, but - unfortunately, I wasn’t able to force google chrome to open up a desktop version of the website anymore - maybe its because of the device I am using.

I would suggest trying it, if that does not work for you - I am afraid that I do not have any other options to suggest :person_shrugging:

Hope this helps at least a little bit :+1:

Hi Marko,
thanks for the idea. I wish there would be a possibility in the infinity app.
I´d then rather go to my mac for table view.

Is there any such feature planned for the future?

Hey @micck

This isn’t really a feature - its more due to the mobile optimisation - once our mobile apps get better I believe this same web “view” will be even better on mobile phones.

When the screen size is smaller it “moves” automatically to a mobile view - and if you compare it with our mobile apps - it is the same deal.

So, personally, I believe once our overall improvement of mobile apps comes around - this whole experience will be much better.

Hope that helps, cheers :v:

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