FORM: multiple items on one form

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to use forms for client’s questionarie and would like to every question to became a item of a checklist.
In saying that, maybe an option of having multiple items in a Form.

Also, would like to have an attribute of “multiple choice” for forms and the ability of using pictures.

Thanks a lot, Raquel

Hi @rech.raquel Welcome to the community, super glad to have you here as well :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestions, I would ask you to suggest it / request it via our form as well, just click here, so that other users can vote for it as well.

You can also provide us with examples of what a perfect form would look like for you, just so that we can have an idea of what our customers want and in what direction we should move when it comes to improving our features.

When it comes to your “multiple choice” option, you can always use labels, allow multiple selection and then everyone will be able to pick a few options from the labels you’ve created, here’s how that would look:

Once again, thanks for the suggestions!

I sometimes set the color to be that of the background so it looks like a “normal” drop down.


Good idea as well! And you can always have all the labels be the same color - for example all can be grey - instead of colorful like in Marko’s image. That can maybe work better visually in these types of multiple-choice questions. :slight_smile:

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