Form Upgrade: Redirect to URL / Clickable URL's in Attribute Descriptions / Post Submission Screen

Hey Infinity,

Have purchased the Enterprise LTD as i can see the potential of this platform to be something amazing :slight_smile:

Plus i love the fact that i can say my Business is Built on Infinity… :wink:

So the feature request i need:

  1. The option of redirecting a user to another URL after a short delay. This is HUGE. Every person who completes a form is a potential customer. If we can redirect them to a landing page automatically, they can continue their journey with my business or i can refer them on to other useful / relevant resources. Currently form submission falls flat and leaves the user hanging with nothing to do except close the window.


Below is an example of how this could be implemented.


  1. URL’s in the “Show this message after the form submission:” box, (shown in the image above), should automatically become clickable on the post submission page (Post sbumission screen shown at the bottom of this post). This is an easy way of providing a lead magnet to a customer. I.E. If you complete this form, i will give you access to… (Insert Overwhelming Benefit Here).

Also to create mini dashboards / redirection points. I.e.

Click this link for a quick video on being awesome


Click this other link to find out how to be a hero!

  1. This leads me to my final point. Please retain the formatting and line breaks specified in the “Show this message after the form submission:” box. This is important for allowing the creator of the form to make it more readable, also shown in the picture provided below.

Also Clickable links during the actually form submission, (in the description of each field)



Use case for this is asking a question and having the user open a link to view something, so that they can then come back to the survey / feedback form and supply an answer.

Or me personally i place links to the edit form view when i have set forms up to capture process steps.

See below for an example of this in airtable.



Hey @CodeKnight!

WOW! A great use case and terrific examples.

Thank you so much for everything: from taking a chance with Infinity and for suggesting these awesome features.

We’re super glad to have you onboard.

I’ve made suggestion tickets out of each suggestion, and I’ll do my best for them to go live ASAP :slight_smile: