Form view - Suggestions for improvement

I just started working with forms and here are some suggestions to improve working with them:

1- A checkbox that toggles between All required/None required, so you don´t have to manually adjust every attribute.
2- The option to duplicate an attribute.
3- The ability to change the text for the “Enter” and “Submit another response” button.
4- The ability to notify someone whenever a form is filled out.
5- For embedding it would be useful to be able to choose the alignment (left/center/right) inside the iframe
6- Checkbox-attribute: Remove the ticked checkbox (that has no function) right next to the title and be able to write text right next to the “real/working” checkbox.
7- For new attributes: Automatically fill title with attribute name.

Hey @micck!

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation of your idea.

I’ve pasted everything into the suggestion ticket and forwarded it to the dev team.

You rock :slight_smile:

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Thanks coa,
another function I need is to set dependencies, e.g. when a new customer fills the form the fields for his address etc. are required, but when a returning customer fills the form he should be able to check a box “returning customer” (or whatever) and then the fields for his address etc. are hidden automatically thus not required.

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Dependencies are huge, of course.

Our plan is at first, to build ‘task dependencies’, then in Gantt, and I think I can add an extra suggestion to include Dependencies to Form, as well. However, I think the use case you’ve shared is more similar to Automations (If this, then that). :slight_smile: