Form View Upgrade (for Updating Existing Records)

One thing that Airtable doesn’t do is have a way of updating an existing record view the form view.

I don’t see this form upgrade being used internally, by people who have full access to the Board, but rather used by people who only have read only or no access to the board.

Unsure of how this would be implemented exactly, maybe passing a parameter in through the form web address (I.e. is one solution, as it needs to be dynamic enough that a single link can be sent to an entire mailing list, using a mail merge with a dynamically updated form link.

Use cases i can think of for such a feature:

  1. Having existing customers update their personal data, I.e. Address, email, phone, etc…
  2. Could be used to provide edit access to a single pre-chosen record.
  3. Adding additional attributes to a survey, and then sending out a new form with only these new attributes, form is linked directly to the user so that these new responses are automatically mapped to the existing record, instead of creating a new record and then having to manually merge it together later on.

Hmm… Interesting.

I like this suggestion, but I believe it can get a medium-to-low priority right now.

Very useful! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Nice to have, but not essential.

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