Forms.... such as applications, questionnaires or client intake forms

Form that we are able to create such as creating an employee application form, or client intake form.

Just thinking from the top of my head what functions we and other may need when utilizing a “forms”

  • Custom fields

  • Required fields

  • Dependencies

  • Ability to add an upload section( signed document, or resumes for applicants)

  • Ability to host on Start Infinity or to embed the form on a website

  • Ability to some how integrate with google sheets + google drive.

  • Once form is completed it automatically creates a new board is created with a list of task for that applicant or new client.

  • Maybe the ability to archive and or export the forms ie xls and regain storage lets say after 30 days or 60 days…

Hey and welcome to Infinity CF! It’s very good to have you here and suggest this feature.

Forms are going to be a part of Infinity! We’re hoping to see them this summer.

Custom/required fields, upload section, embedding forms, integrations, automation, and export are definitely a must.

We’ll make sure to have all of the above first before we build forms (view/feature). :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how would dependencies be applicable to forms, though. Can you maybe share an example?

Thanks in advance!

Hi There,

I tried FORM its very good and easy way to collect data.
But when you have so many fields it becomes messy.
I need to format its layout so that we can organize/group up one type of fields for related subject and make paragraphs or tables in FORM View. Can we edit its format or re arrange all data fields/attributes the way we want.
Please reply .

Atul Singhal


Hey @atul,

This is a great suggestion, which I will share with the team in the suggestion log.

As you probably already know, we’ve released Form last month, so it’s a pretty new feature.

We’ll definitely improve Forms in the upcoming period of time (hopefully near future). :slight_smile:

Thank you!


We need to be able to add description fields, to input static text for the person/client filling out the form to be able to further understand the information they need to provide (and to what extent). Having the ability to implement multiple “static text” fields would be very useful.


Hey @sprucestone,

Would our ‘Question title’ and ‘Question description’ serve that purpose for now?

When you select/map current attributes as input fields, you can change its title, and add a description for it.

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The ability to format the layout of forms would be a hugely helpful enhancement. FYI, here’s a description of a similar functionality in the Airtable “Page designer block” feature:

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Thank you! @kevin :slight_smile: