Forms to allow adding a label item

I LOVE that when you create a label attribute that there is an option to be able to add a label item if it is not listed. Unfortunately, it does not work in a form though. They can only choose one of the options listed. For this reason, i had to get rid of my label attributes and now they have to type out the information in the form instead of being able to quickly choose a label. I hope this is something that is being worked on!

For us, the crew filling out the forms are often typing on a phone or tablet that doesn’t have a keyboard, so they would much appreciate the labels for the common information that we often repeat a lot instead of having to type it all!

Hey @BrandiMills97,

So you’re telling me that outside members, when filling out an Infinity form cannot select multiple label attributes? Or can’t type in new attributes?


Can’t Type in New Attributes. This is also something I want big time!

And it would be nice if the Labels could be listed out in the Form view, so all Labels can be seen (with an “Other” Option at the end that allows an outside member to add their own).

If they can select multiple, make it look like a checkbox. If they can select one, make it look like a bullet box (or whatever the circular ones are called, haha)


As far as I currently know, that means that guest users can have a permission to edit attributes, which we currently don’t have :slight_smile:

I guess that would be the next step for creating this functionality, however, I’ve added it to the suggestion log and it’ll definitely go through upcoming discussions.


Actually, i went back in today and it is working! Maybe it was just a glitch.

The problem i was having is that they couldn’t type in new label options like they could in the table. For example, To keep them from having to type too much, I made “City” a label attribute and created labels for the cities that we work in the most. If we have a job in a new city that we haven’t done any work in before (so it’s not one of the labels) -if it’s in the table, they can type the new city and click to add it. Then it would be a label that they could choose from now on. That worked perfectly, but when i would try it in the form, they didn’t have the option to add a label. They only had the option to choose from whatever was listed.

So far it’s all good now though!

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