Formula and number fields should be able to be set as the primary attribute

Currently, only “text attribute fields” can be set as a “primary attribute”.
As primary attributes are the ones showed when a “reference attribute” is created to another folder, it’s very important that we can also be able to set “formula attribute fields” and “number attribute fields” as primary attributes (so we can use ID’s, VAT numbers, etc. as a reference, or more advanced situations in the case of formulas).

I agree. It cramps my design when only “text” attributes can be made primary fields.

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Hey guys @joao.jesus and @frankruma :wave:

Allowing users to use other attributes as “primary” ones would most certainly increase the flexibility, however - that could be hard to achieve considering the amount of attributes we have and their functionalities (in general), there’s a list of attributes users suggested and we’ll be adding votes to each individual attribute that gets requested!

Formula currently works with text, number and date attributes, besides that our formula attribute itself has 3 different formats - which makes this case really complex, regardless - you guys have voiced out your request and I’ll do my best to increase importance of this specific request! :+1:

All your votes count towards pushing this feature / request / improvement forward, so don’t forget to vote for it!

Thank you guys :v:

Hi @marko
Let me give you my real case scenario (that may also be similar to many other users):
I’ve built a basic CRM in Infinity, where I have 2 folders: Contacts and Sales.
What happens is that, on my Contacts folder, the most important field is a Formula field (the formula is a mix between Name + Company + Function) and so, when I setup a reference between Contacts and Sales, I would like to see in the Sales folder this formula field from the Contacts folder (because not every records always have the Name, the Company or the Fuction, but all the records always have something written on this formula field).
As, currently, it’s not possible to setup a formula field as a Primary field, there’s no way I can setup this relation between my 2 folders and see the information I want/need on the Sales folder through the Reference attribute.