Formula Attribute (Calculations Between Rows)

One of the biggest challenges with airtable is calculating data between rows, especially when trying to work on say a rolling total.

The process to make such calculations requires advanced technical ability and requires additional supporting fields to help, and then end result is still manual:

  1. Link the records
  2. Retrieve data from linked records
  3. Copy data to a plain field with no references (as if you have the formula refer to linked data in the same field it causes a circular reference stop error that prevents you from proceeding further)
  4. Calculate that value with the value of the actual record it is on.


I feel sick just thinking about it. This can be achieved so easily in excel, A simple SUM() formula.

What i am hoping for is a way of referencing the data in the attribute immediately above or below it in the view, or the attributes for all visible records in the view, or a way of building a raw query in the attribute, to retrieve a very specific bit of info.

I want the ease of excel formula with the power of a drag and drop database :slight_smile:

Use cases like:

  1. Retrieve the data where the date and time is the oldest
  2. Calculate a rolling value for all sales throughout the day

Awesome! Gif is hilarious!

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Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and suggestion on the way Formulas could be built.

Iā€™m 100% sure our developers will find this useful and helpful for the future implementation (April/May) :slight_smile:

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