Formula Coding - Between folders

Hi All,

I am reasonably new to infinity and think it’s a fantastic product, I am trying to learn the formula function.

a brief background of what I’m looking to do

I have a vehicle folder which is obviously specific to each vehicle and holds the MPG information
I have another folder with site information and location information (Miles to the site)
and a workflow folder (Job Page) that links via reference to the vehicle used and the site

I would like to sum the miles to the site and the mpg from the referenced field to create a sum for fuel costs

in excel, my sum would look like
=SUM(‘Site Information’!B4/Vehicles!B34.546B3)

is there any way to do this in Infinity? Also is there a section to learn about the formula’s functions and their capabilities?

any help would be gratefully received Pete.

Hey there @pete :wave:

Its awesome from you to join our community, welcome :pray:

Thanks for reaching out and for the awesome feedback regarding the product itself. Let’s focus on the formulas right now - which might be disappointing at this current stage.

Our formulas work with only specific attributes, that would be our date attribute, text attribute, number attribute and in some cases our label attribute. Other attributes like email, like progress, like references - they do not work for now, we have our plans to implement other attributes in the future but for now this seems to be a soft limitation.

Regarding different folders - even if you use references, currently it is not possible to use formulas between folders, as they are quite different from other tools like excel for example, our formulas work only horizontally and within the folder they are in.

Regarding training / tutorials / information - what we have right now is our help center where we listed all relevant formulas (maybe a few should be deleted since we switched to version 2.0 when it comes to formulas) but you can always reach out to our support (live chat or email and we’ll do our best to help you out with what we can.

Here’s the article about formulas: Formula | Infinity

Also, if you’ve heard about ChatGPT - you can maybe also consult it to get some valuable information - it has proven (in the past) that it can suggest great solutions. (but as you know, not everything is possible and not everything is correct ). (this is just a side “tip” )

Hope this helps :v: